Sugar Loaf Hike

SugarLoaf Reservoir Hike - 16/07/2017

There are many hiking trails in and around Melbourne and one can be found in Christmas Hills! Some would say with a name like that Santa Claus, Reindeer's would exist in the area, but not so instead you may a few natives kangaroos,wallabies, echidnas and a impressive reservoir of water!
It's a circuit hike/walk, 16/18 km depends if walking outside fence line or closer to reservoir bank.

Around 50% of the terrain is flat, clay based (slippery when wet), filled with trees and a couple of steep hill climbs. Time is ~5 hours, which allows for a slow pace and enough viewing/photograph time. Overall I would a say a mild level of hiking.

You can start or finish the walk on the dam wall. The day we were there the sun was shining, which made the water glisten, slightly damp terrain so one had to watch ones step. Kangaroos were hoping about. The boats were sailing on the waters surface. Above all everybody was enjoying the hike/walk. We manage 16km ~ 3.5 hours, each carrying a light pack, water bottle and snacks! Please note no swimming is allowed, but sailing is! and unfortunately no dogs allowed!!

It can be walked all year round, just watch your step in the wet!
There are picnic, BBQ areas, Toilets and ample car parking.

Parks Victoria info
Google Maps 

 After the hike we ventured down to the Dark Horse .... Good assortment of food, large eating areas and it's Licensed!

Opening times:
Park open every day of the year.
Gates open at 8.30am ,close at 7.00pm during daylight saving.
 Outside of daylight savings, the park closes at 5.00pm.
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