Android Code snippets

Here's some Android snippets that you may find useful,helpful .... snippets I and snippets II

Here's some other software/Apps stuff that i do :-
Yeah, I've built a few apps along the way. You may find them useful. My official site is : chemistry chemical engineer solvers equations lotto android sports sudoku
Education/Profession based (Engineering,Chemistry,Maths,Unit Conversion....):- : -
chemistry chemical engineer solvers equations  Chemical Engineering Data Plus  Engineering Tools  Unit Conversions Engineering, General  Maths Linear Equations Solvers Plus
Health and Nutrition:-
 Nutrition and Health  Health maintain records
 Tennis game scorer and keeper  Aussie Rules predictor, team stats, year fixture,ladder updated per round  Racquet games scorer and keeper  Table Tennis game scorer and keeper  Badminton game scorer and stats keeper  Squash Game scorer and stats keeper
Games/Lotto :-
 Sudoku games Plus  Random Number Generator Plus  Pay Time monitor what you make every minute
onLine Radio :-
 onLine Radio world wide stations
Windows Applications(Engineering,Chemistry,Maths,Unit Conversion....):-
 ChemMaths for Windows  DataPro for Windows. Chemistry,Chemical Engineering Data.  EquationsPro for Windows.   GraphsProSim for Windows.  ChemPlayer. Media player for Windows.


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